Why Hire a Business Cleaning Company?

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Why Hire a Business Cleaning Company?

There are two parts to the cleaning industry: residential and commercial. Maid services are the major component of the residential consumer market, which deals primarily with cleaning houses. Specialized companies that clean carpets, windows, and other things that are needed less frequently also exist on the residential market. Janitorial services, on the other hand, meet the needs of businesses and usually offer more services than residential cleaners.

There are several reasons why a business may use a business cleaning service. These services are not only used for cosmetic purposes, but also because there are health code requirements to be met as well as certain rules made by building owners. The main reason for using a cleaning service is to make a good impression on customers and clients who visit the business, but there are other important reasons as well:

  • Benefits of a clean office include higher worker morale and reduction of illness.
  • A good sanitation of surfaces can kill viruses and germs lurking there.
  • Workplace accidents can be prevented from the removal of debris by a business cleaning service.
  • Lastly, it can be more cost-effective to use a service since it takes time to manage a cleaning staff. Managing your own internal cleaners can also be labor intensive, as tasks for running your own cleaning service include hiring, training, and the purchase of equipment and supplies.

When you think of a business cleaning service, you typically think of office buildings that need regular cleaning. However, many buildings need to be cleaned and may need a company to do that. These include: schools, colleges, hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, museums, factories, airports, stores, banks, and car dealerships, to name a few.

Duties of a business cleaning service will vary from business to business. These are the main duties of a business cleaning service:

  • Floors: swept, mopped, vacuumed, deodorized, waxed
  • Lobbies and Common Areas: lobby door cleaned, elevator controls wiped down, elevator tracks vacuumed
  • Conference Room: chalk or marker tray cleaned, erasers vacuumed
  • Office Cleaning and Maintenance: trash removed, furniture arranged, surfaces dusted and cleaned
  • Restroom and kitchen: cleaned, sanitized, supplies restocked

Some cleaning companies are “going green” and use eco-friendly products. If your company has an on-going plan of action to reduce its carbon footprint, then you may want to use a business cleaning company that can help you. An environmentally aware cleaning company may offer different levels of “going green” to fit any budget. Some cleaning companies even have consulting services that will not only help you with recycling as part of their trash removal services, but that can also suggest economical products and other ways to help your company be more earth friendly.

Whether you have a small office or manage a large office complex, you are certain to find a cleaning service to fit your needs. A business cleaning service will tailor its services to your specifications, whether you need to be more earth friendly, need to be especially clean and sanitary, or just need a quick once over every day to maintain your office environment.

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