Pressure Washing

Commercial & Residential Pressure Washing

Extreme Cleaning has a well-maintained roof and exterior cleaning system. We have divided our cleaning techniques to carefully serve the following two categories:

To protect your property, Extreme Cleaners recommends Soft Pressure Washing.

When planning to clean the exterior of your home, we believe that you should seek help from a professional before damage to property or injuries occur. Extreme Cleaners prefers soft water cleaning to preserve the beauty of your home. Algae or black streaks growing on the roof and exterior of your home not only can spoil its looks, but it also drastically affects the lifespan of the property. Our Monroe County Mount Pocono power washing service will get your house clean without the scarring caused by an overpowered pressure washing.

We apply Algaecide in our Mount Pocono low-pressure power washing process to neutralize and kill any algae buildup on the exterior of your residential property. As a promise, we’ll do everything we can to restore and maintain the beauty of your home in Mount Pocono, Stroudsburg, Scranton, or Tobyhanna.

Large buildings and commercial units require skilled pressure washing services.

It is imperative to regularly maintain the cleaning process to mark the excellence of your business and its profile. Dirt, algae, greasy tracks and oil patches on your parking lots, doorways, and sidewalks don’t look impressive.

Extreme Cleaners employs professionals and utilizes high-tech tools and machinery to provide Mount Pocono power washing services that fit the needs of any building. Our flat surface pressure washing tools wipe away dirt particles, leaving the exterior sparkling with beauty.

Our Unique Pressure Washing Process

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We use a broad range of tools encompassing tanks fitted with the functionality of adjustable flow when using over sensitive areas, soft PVC wash wands to ensure soft water cleaning and professional-quality nozzles to shoot up soap to considerable distances. Our nozzles are manufactured using polyvinylidene fluoride making it solvent resistant. Additionally, we use pressure washing pipes, oils, carts along with turbo nozzles to make sure that every inch of your exterior is cleaned with perfection and to brush off the deeply rested dust particles.