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People spend time at your fitness center so that they’ll be healthier. But health and fitness centers offer bacteria and germs ideal places to thrive…warm, moist places like saunas, shower stalls and locker rooms.

So, while your members work out, they also may be fighting off a host of bacteria that could cause an unexpected illness.


The Extreme Cleaners specialized health club cleaning system focuses on eliminating toxins, allergens, and bio-pollutants at the unseen microbial level to destroy, contain, and remove these illness-causing germs and keep your fitness center members safe.

Our Unique Health Club Cleaning Process

Four easy, time-saving steps to get your health club clean and germ-free.


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Call (570) 580-0560 or click here for a free health club cleaning quote. We can perform a scientific risk assessment of surfaces throughout your facility to identify critical touch points that contain high levels of biopollution, and create a strategic action plan for maintaining the cleanliness of your facility.