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Extreme Cleaners caters to commercial units with advanced industry standards of commercial cleaning and professional janitorial services. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and highly-trained staff, in combination with top quality products provides spotless cleaning with our Monroe County and Mount Pocono janitorial services.

We understand that every site can accumulate dust, oil, grease, grime, or other harmful pollutants which require abrasive cleaning. So, to avoid the hassle, consult our cleaning specialists for Mount Pocono janitorial services.

Environmental Cleaning

We mark our superiority with unmatchable janitorial services and industry-proven products.

Our monitoring team keeps a close eye on all the tasks and cleaning activities. We take care of all your Monroe County and Mount Pocono home cleaning services and janitorial worries. We do everything from emptying trash bins, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, exterior cleaning management, and vacuuming to wooden or vinyl floor mopping and dusting tasks.

World-Class Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

We provide commercial cleaning services to a wide range of customers; from large commercial units, to corporate buildings, malls, gas or service stations, banks, offices, apartments, and even medical units across Monroe county in cities like Mount Pocono, Scranton, and Stroudsburg.

Through soft and pressure washing, and by using the latest cleaning equipment to eliminate dust particles, allergens, and other microscopic pollutants that cannot be seen by the naked eye, we ensure the delivery of premium quality services and the achievement of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Extreme Cleaners’ Mount Pocono janitorial services help you wipe off the run-down appearance of your commercial unit. Our highly-trained janitorial staff gives you the benefit of knowing that your place is hygienic, spotless, and perfectly maintained with professional cleaning techniques.

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Whether you’re looking for Commercial or Residential Cleaning Services, Extreme Cleaners offers the highest level of professionalism and the experience necessary to get the job done right. Click the button below to get in touch with our team of specialists who will promptly coordinate a cleaning plan with you.